The plumbing system at home should be properly built and maintained so that you will have peace of mind when using it for you and your family. it doesn’t hurt to equip yourself with the knowledge of potential plumbing problems that you’d face in the future. The common plumbing problems can be bigger problems if you leave them without any actions. Here are the common problems that you must be able to spot.

Pipe Leak

Slow draining

Your drains are prone to slowing down because of the accumulated hair, soap scum, dirt, and other things. And when these get stuck to the drains, it will cause them to slowly drain. Slow draining is one of the most common issues in any house. But it is easy to handle this problem. You just need to pull off the drain cover and clean the debris with your hands. I suggest you wear gloves to protect your hands from dirt.

For some residues which are unreachable, you could use an auger to reach them. Or, use the standard plunger to loosen the debris. 

There are also commercial products of drain cleaners you can use. Unclogging the drain should be easy. It is crucial to routinely maintain it to avoid a further clog.


Low water pressure

You may notice that your sink does not give enough streaming water to clean your dishes. Or perhaps, you cannot get enough water in the shower. If it is the hot water, you could check on the valve. If it is broken, you will need to replace it. In this matter, you could use the help from a professional plumber.

The common problem is an aerator. You can simply solve the problem by using commercial products to clean the clogged aerator. But if none of these work, you’d like to call your plumber.


Leaky faucet

A leaky faucet is one of the most annoying problems. Depending on how bad it is, it is going to waste an enormous amount of money you spend on monthly bills. Gallons of water could be wasted if you don’t handle it as soon as possible. the dripping faucet is not something to fix by the beginners. You will need to call your plumber because the causes can be different such as corrosion, mineral deposits, broken parts, etc.


 Running water in the toilet

It happens a lot in a co-habitant home, dormitory, or other places that get involved with the heavy uses. The running toilet is proof of defected toilet function. So, the problems could revolve around the broken flapper, degraded chain, or the overwhelming float setting. But not all homeowners know how to handle this. These problems are easy to handle by yourself. Chances are you still have the manual of the toilet with you. You can do it instantly.


Clogged or jammed garbage disposal system

A garbage disposal system is a daily appliance. In order to keep them running smoothly, you will need to maintain them routinely. There’s a point that it could get jammed or clogged. The most common roots of the problem are because of some chunks of ingredients, thick fruit or veggies skins, or other objects like metal. Not all stuff is handled by the disposals. In most cases, you can simply hit the reset button to fix the problem. But you’d probably need to use the tools to disassemble it to get the stuff out.

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